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What Katy Said

Both of my girls suffered with reflux and I am already preparing myself for this little baba having the same issues. Of course he could turn around and be perfectly healthy but it is best to think ahead isn’t it? The main thing that caused us issues was sleeping, Little G had silent reflux and so lying on her back caused her far too much discomfort and had full blown reflux which made me panic that she would choke after every feed. 

Poco Baby Hammock

When Poco baby got in touch I was intrigued, we had already found a moses basket on a local selling site but when I saw their hammocks I fell in love! If I could sleep in a hammock that would be amazing, so to be able to have one for baby is the next best thing. Now, imagine lying in a hammock, you aren’t flat are you? So they make for the perfect bed for babies with reflux – hurrah! 

It comes with 2 sheets which is great, nobody wants to have to buy extras when you already have enough on your mind. It also has a bag so you can take it all down and take it away with you. Looking at it you probably think you wouldn’t want to be putting it up and down all the time but it isn’t difficult at all once you know what you are doing. 

baby cribs and cots

Not only is it great for a baby with reflux but it looks gorgeous too! The bows are practical but they are just a lovely finishing touch. 

I just cannot wait to get him in it! There isn’t long to go now and having it by the side of my bed is making me all the more excited to meet him! I will keep you updated with regards to any signs of reflux and how it helps with that but I will let you know how we get on with it anyway as regardless of reflux, it just looks so cosy doesn’t it?





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