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The Little Pip

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Sleep. It’s not a baby topic that I like to get involved with that often, as it often descends somehow into a competitive who gets the least type conversation. I also usually shy away from discussing what and how and where because each baby is different, as is each family. However, when I was offered a Poco Baby Hammock for review, I was intrigued. And, I’d like to say, we love it. Don’t know what we did before love it. It’s that good!

I have been attending a post-natal course where sleep was covered (more on the course soon) and discovered that Little Baby 2 isn’t as good at sleeping as he could be. Some of the babies there are sleeping for 10-12 hours at a time now, which LB definitely isn’t, and I also do several of the things that aren’t recommended (feeding in the night, no specific comforter toy etc). We have also both been suffering with some kind of virus for the past couple of weeks, which has made things more tricky, and I was particularly struggling to get LB to nap after lunch. A grumbling tired baby is difficult at any time, but when all you want to do is lie down yourself, it can feel like particularly hard work.

Step forward the Poco Baby Hammock.

We needed a solution that works for the baby, but also with the space that we have, and, let’s be honest, we want it to look stylish too. Our flat is too small and too full to completely look “like it should be in Country Living”, which is what my husband interprets my style as – not sure if he’s ever opened that particular magazine to know, mind you, but in an ideal world, we’d have clean white lines and space for all our possessions. I’d get rid of that rather worn carpet too, but it’s a rental, and we can’t. 

The Poco Baby Hammock needed to therefore fit both in our bedroom in the small space in front of the wardrobe, and also be able to be easily moved. I chose the raw cotton version as I thought that would look best with our current decor, and I have been very pleased with it. 

There are supposed to be lots of benefits to the baby sleeping in a hammock but I was also warned that LB might take a while to get used to the feel of the hammock as it is a little different to the cot he was using. As it is a hammock suspended from a frame, it retains the baby’s natural supine position and is supposed to be good at reducing flat head syndrome, and also assist babies suffering from reflux or colic. At 11 weeks, LB has mostly outgrown his colic but he does seem to suffer still from wind, which makes him grumpy. Well, he took to the hammock straight away and he’s taken a long, much longer than before, afternoon nap in the hammock every day since it arrived Win! 

Although I have to confess being slightly intimidated by the size of the box that it arrived in, and the quite specific instructions with the need for a spanner, I actually put it together on my own with absolute ease – the legs simply slot together like tent poles, which also makes it easy to dismantle and pop it back in the bag it comes with, to take away like a travel cot. 

Little Baby 2 is now around 8kg in weight, and already starting to roll over, and I found it a little difficult to get him to stay in the middle of the mattress that sits in the hammock, but we solved that by making sure he is settled comfortably to one side and I guess between the angle that it hangs and the way he is lying in the crook of the bottom/side, he is extremely cosily positioned and can’t roll or get his head stuck against the fabric. It is also helping him self settle, as when he does stir, the hammock rocks a little and gently bounces on the spring from which it is suspended and he settles back down to sleep. 


It’s no exaggeration to say that we love this hammock. Usually my husband is quite happy to go along with baby products that I want to try out, and when I said I’d like to review this, he didn’t seem overly interested but was quite amenable. Once it arrived though, he’s been vocal in his approval and has said many times this past couple of weeks how brilliant the hammock is, and how he likes that it does a lot of the rocking for him, which makes everyone happier. Particularly in this heat, we’ve found Little Baby 2 has still been sleeping really well – the organic cotton seems to keep him cool and as the hammock does a lot of the rocking rather than a human, that also keeps him cooler too. Earlier this week, faced with several nights of solo parenting whilst M worked, I found the hammock to be essential, allowing me to slump against the frame whilst rocking an agitated baby with an ear infection. 

It goes without saying that the Poco Baby Hammock is tested and certified to the UK & European Standards BS EN1130, although as with any product, you need to ensure you’re using it correctly at all times. The hammock is suitable for babies up to 9 months.



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