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Baby Hammock Safety

With our standards your Baby will sleep safely

Safety is paramount which is why our products are tested by the highly regarded and accredited CPSA. The CPSA are well established in the mechanical testing of children's nursery products, risk assessment of toys, nursery products and other consumer products for US and EU markets, we are proud to say our products are tested within the UK and approved for safety by the UK and European standard. Also working along side the chairman of ASTM Committee on Consumer Products, BPA Technical Committee we are kept informed of any improvements that can be made regarding safety.

Having over 10 years’ experience with Baby Hammocks and other baby products we are dedicated to ensuring good quality, safe products for your baby. 


The Poco Baby Hammock and Cribs are safety tested and certified to the UK & European Standards 

BS EN1130. March 2013 

There are many guidelines to help ensure the safety of your baby which you should follow: 

  • Always place your baby on his⁄her back for naps & at night.
  • Do not fall asleep with your baby in your bed or on sofas etc
  • Do not smoke near your baby (preferable do not smoke at all
  • Do not drink alcohol whilst pregnant or if you are breast feeding
  • No pillows, stuffed animals, bumper pads toys etc within your baby’s bed
  • Do not over dress your baby
  • Breast feed your baby if possible
  • Keep blankets away from you babies face, always tuck blankets in
  • Keep your baby in the same room as you for the first 6 months
  • Always use a new mattress for your baby
  • Try to keep your room temperature to approx. 16-20°C
  • Use lightweight bedding
  • Baby is dressed in light sleep clothing