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Baby Hammock Reviews

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This is by far one of the best baby product we have ever bought (& we have 3 children). I am writing this after using the product for a number of months. When our Daughter arrived she decided straight away that she would only sleep in her rocker. Any attempt to put her in her Moses basket resulted in non stop screaming. After trying to prop up the mattress slightly and buying a wedge we continued on our 'how to make the baby sleep' mission! So she had reflux and trapped wind, super! So after another failed Moses basket attempt at 2 weeks old the last (& expensive) option was the baby hammock...a 2 a.m decision was made & the order placed! The Poco arrived 3 days later, we'd ordered the silver frame with the white hammock (as it was on offer at about £20 off), we were very pleasantly surprised by how lovely it was (the pictures do not do it justice). So it took about 20 minutes to pop it together on the first occasion (however once you have the hammock part together the frame itself literally takes 2 minutes, so using it to travel has been quick & simple). So we apprehensively popped our Daughter to bed, low & behold we had 6 hours sleep, amazing! From that first night we have had nothing less than 4 hours and she was sleeping through within 8 weeks of using it....bliss for everyone in the house! I would say if your baby will only sleep in an upright position then don't hesitate in buying this product, we were fortunate enough that our first two babies were good sleepers from the start and couldn't understand those parents that went on about their baby not sleeping, we do now! Ultimately a good nights sleep is worth far more that the cost of this product

I was given a poco by my sisters as a gift as my baby wasn’t sleeping too well, i have too say a little reluctant at first but the change in my baby was amazing, we dont quite sleep right through the night but certainly a lot closer to it and what a difference to my babies temperament, a much happier little baby. So pleased i gave it a go ! Thank you

I brought my Poco a few months back and am very happy to write a review for this fab baby hammock. Although some of my friends and family members thought it a bit strange to begin with they soon warmed to the idea when they saw how baby david loved it. All are now converted and i recommend it to everyone, in fact I think everyone is probably sick of hearing about it. I love it, ill have to have another baby just so i can use it all over again :-) Please do one for grown ups !

Hi Chloe I have been really impressed with the Baby Hammock and would thoroughly recommend it to other parents. Shula is my third baby, and she sleeps so much better than the other two. It’s always hard to tell how much that is just down to individual difference, but I’m sure that a lot of it is due to the hammock. I was never into sleep training and my babies always feel asleep at my breast or on the move, but then it was very hard to put them down in their cot without waking them up. Partly because of this, and partly because co-sleeping seemed to have advantages, we always had the first two in the bed with us, but they woke up very frequently to feed, and ruby especially was a major wriggler so it wasn’t ideal. With Shula, I haven’t changed any of my habits, but when I put her asleep into her hammock she stays asleep, or I just jiggle her back to sleep. She sometimes even gets herself to sleep in there, and is very content just to be in there before or after she goes to sleep. She also sleeps through the night and I can see her half waken, but the movement of the hammock puts her back to sleep. On the odd occasion we managed to get the other two to sleep in their cot – even when they were older – they weren’t able to get themselves back to sleep. So the hammock has been brilliant and I take it with us when we travel because it’s snug and safe for her and means a good night’s sleep for us!

The Poco baby hammock is amazing. I used it for my little girl and it helped her sleep through the night from 6 weeks. She loved it and was always so happy and peaceful in her hammock. She suffered with colic and the hammock helped relieve the symptoms. I have recommended this product to all my new mums at the nursery and have bought 3 friends one for their new babies. I could not recommend this product more highly.

Poco Baby's customer service has been fantastic. They kept me up to date with the dispatch of my order and were always friendly and happy to answer my questions. Fab team and website.

Kind regards,