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Product Reviews

Below we have gathered several product reviews for the Poco Baby hammock from other websites, unfortunately there are too many to list them all but you can go direct to them to read more !



Diana AwardedSourced from Bizzie Baby Award Review


It is a lovely product. Looks very modern. This arrived safely as was very well packaged. Instructions could have been a little more straight forward. The quality of the product is excellent. This is very well made and you could keep and use for next baby and I believe good value for money. My baby loved sleeping in this hammock and I would purchase this item. Have already recommended. A new twist on a mosses basket. We loved it. Diana Ryan – Lorenzo 6 Weeks


Fantastic, Esp For Small Or Prem BabiesSourced from Kiddicare customer reviews

Mandy MK

19 Sep 2015 

Having only heard good things about baby hammocks we decided to get this before our daughter was born, as it turns out she was a few weeks early and weighed 3lbs 13oz. Hammocks are particularly good for small or premature babies, the neonatal unit at our hospital even had one for their prem babies. It lasted her well, she settled in it straight away and there were no problems going from this to a flat, non-rocking cot bed. Baby is inches away from the side of your bed, it hugs baby, rocks baby and the end unzips so you can easily have your hand in there to settle baby. Its very easy to assemble, one person can put this up / take it down in about 30 seconds so makes an excellent travel cot, we've taken it away with us numerous times. Yes it may take up more room than a moses basket but i would say baby will be in it longer, it saves you paying out more for a travel cot and it really does help with colic/reflux. It is well made, daughter was in it for six months and our son, 6 weeks old, is now using it. The only negative is possibly the weight guide, 21lbs may be how much the unit can take safely but i dont think a baby of that size


So Far, So Amazing....Sourced from mums net reviews


11 Jun 2015 

I received my Poco Hammock today and got it straight together. My baby is 10 weeks and has hideous silent reflux - we spend our lives in the paed office trying various medicines, he cries in blocks of 6 hours full pelt until he falls into an exhausted sleep for 5 minutes before starting again. He will ONLY sleep for blocks of time on my chest. It is utterly exhausting on me, my husband and my elder son, as well as for him, poor thing. He yelled all day today - yelled as I put this together, I picked him up a sweaty mess as usual and placed him in it, he slowly stopped crying. Sat in it whilst it rocked for a few mins and looked around and promptly fell fast asleep. He's been asleep an hour so far - he has NEVER in 10 weeks slept that long off me...... I've actually not known what to do with myself, I've just managed to do some washing and make dinner without screaming or having him attached to me. I am utterly delighted - I really hope it lasts!!


7 Months And Still In This HammockSourced from Kiddicare customer reviews


22 Mar 2014 

In first few weeks baby didn't sleep well in this and was co-sleeping but switched to this after it was used as a travel cot. He has settled well in it for over 5 months. He seems to particularly benefit from the more enclosed space as well as the movement. When he moves the hammock begins rocking him so it is calms when he has unsettled movement.  

At 7 months he is quite long in it but still way below the weight limit. He will be using it until he doesn't fit it any more. Only concern is moving him out into something that doesn't rock. My daughter wonders if he will move straight into a toddler bed! 

Positives are many good nights sleep and settled daytime naps. Ease of rocking it. able to keep 7 month old in parents bedroom. Can easily be moved around when necessary and also be used as a travel cot. Particularly good to feel secure that baby will sleep when you're away! 

On the negative side it does take up more space than a newborn crib, but not as much as a cot. As he has got larger it is a bit more difficult to get him into the hammock.


By gina on 1 Aug. 2014Sourced from Amazon customer reviews

Verified Purchase


I love this for my baby. I had one before. Everything was perfect when delivered and so easy and quick to assemble. Baby is so comfortable in it. Also love the fact it's easy to travel with too. Wouldn't do without it : 


Brilliant Product !…"Sourced from mums net  reviews

fayegoodie 02-Mar-2014

I have a four month old daughter and cannot believe that she is sleeping though the night already. Its amazing, the hammock works wonders, on the rare occasion that she does stir in the night I gently bounce her from my bed side and shes off to sleep again within minutes. She is so snug, secure and content which in turn makes us all happy. I also love the fact that I will be able to take her hammock away with us on holiday as it compacts well into its own bag in minutes, great design.  


Brilliant product Sourced from Amazon customer reviews

By Polina on 4 Dec. 2013 

I got this hammock when my newborn was two weeks old. It is a great product: fits right next to our bed, swings in all directions and the baby (now two months old) sleeps peacefully in it.

His sleeps immediately got longer by approx. 1 hour compared to a Moses basket because of the swinging motion that soothed him. He now sleeps for up to 6 hours which is pretty good for a breastfed baby without any Gina Ford routines (we could be just lucky).

The hammock is also easy to store and transport as it takes very little space.

For all the mums reading this - I definitely recommend it! 


"An amazing and Stylish product!…  Sourced from Amazon customer reviews

Pariena 8-Oct-2013

I fell in love with this Hammock the second I saw it. It was simple to put together with my husband. Everybody who has seen this product has commented on who comfortable and amazing it looks. Our baby also has the longest and most peaceful sleeps in it, wish they made an adult version! 

I love this for my baby


Definite 5 star from meSourced from Amazon customer reviews

ByN Maonon 2 October 2013 

After much pleading with hubby to have this, even he now agrees it is our best purchase by far. I have a 5 year old and new born and I can say for sure my eldest never slept like my new born now does in the Poco Hammock. We give him a late feed around 11 o/c and he wakes around 3 in the morning for a feed, then straight back down until about six I cant complain at that. What amazes me is how he can be asleep in my arms and when I put him down in the hammock he doesn't wake he will have a little fidget around and stays asleep which is lovely. This is without a doubt my best purchase so far. I don't usually do reviews but had to make an exception for this product I cannot recommend it highly enough


"sleeps like a baby !!…"Sourced from mums net reviews


Myself and my baby love this baby hammock, she loves the movement and she looks so snug in it no wonder she sleep so well. Although this is my first baby the comparison on the sleep patterns between Lilly and other babies in the family shows that the poco hammock really does make a difference. This would have to be in my top 5 best brought products. The frame is very sturdy and the fabric is very strong and easy to iron which is nice as i hate ironing :-). If you are considering this for your baby I would highly recommend it for a good sleep.


Emma Asbury worte on

August 11, 2013 at 6.12pmSourced from Baby World customer reviews 

We have had this item for about 2 months now and I honestly cannot rave about this product enough! My daughter has gone from not sleeping unless being held to a baby who can be put in her hammock and gets herself to sleep and sleeps for 6 or 7 hours through the night. She kicks and flaps her arms around to make the hammock swing or bounce on the spring and gurgles away. The swinging motion sets has the most soothing effect on her.

The materials are still looking fab – there is no sagging or fraying on the hammock and its still as strong as when we first got it even after so much use. The quilted blanket and sheets washed well and didn’t lose any shape.

The price is excellent value when you compare the price to cots/moses baskets and has such a better reaction from the baby so is really worth its weight in gold.

I honestly cannot think of any faults for this. everything is doing just what it should and I have one happy baby girl and that’s the best thing ever!!


Good but noisy              Sourced from Amazon customer reviews

ByJheeardon 4 August 2013

This is a good purchase as soothes baby but started creaking after 2 weeks! Maybe because my baby is 3 months and it is better for newborns


"Has made a big difference to nights…"Sourced from mums net reviews 

helgwyn 27-Jun-2013

After 7 weeks of struggling to get our colicky 7 week old to lie flat on his back in his moses basket (which I eventually padded out more and more to elevate his head and feet)I realised I needed a safer option which enabled him to sleep in a more 'cupped' position. After researching on the net it seemed this cot was out best bet. After purchasing, I had my fingers firmly crossed for success but was also fearful about disappointment as no other colic solutions had been any good for us up to that point. Thankfully this one REALLY helped. Little one had his first night of being able to lie down without a battle with wind! Also, being able to bounce the cot helps enormously too, as this.