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Promotes healthy sleep

Baby hammocks and how they help promote a healthy sleep for you and your baby.

Baby hammocks are designed specifically to support babies needs and developments. Parents have been using baby hammocks for centuries and they are now becoming increasingly popular in western society due to its proven benefits. At Poco baby we do not believe in the cry it out option, we take a gentle natural approach to babies sleep. 

Bedtime should be calm and soothing, and using the Poco baby hammock will without doubt help you and your baby get the sleep you need. As many of you already know, sleep deprivation in those first few months can be exhausting and so it is important to get a healthy sleep pattern as early as possible. We all know someone who is up and down in the night with their toddler, usually because they never slept well as a baby, which is why it is so important to get a routine from the early days. 

By using a Poco baby hammock you can avoid the sleep training and encourage your baby to sleep with a gentle natural approach. We recommend parents use the hammock from birth to get the best possible start and to avoid sleep problems. However many parents don’t discover baby hammocks until sleep deprivation has set in and then they begin to look for an alternative to the conventional cot. Kathryn Rayward from UK Style TV is a prime example of this.  

baby hammock cot

"Thank you so much for selling me this wonderful and frankly  miraculous product. It is the best baby bed ever!!! My baby   daughter Roxy was three months old and literally hadn’t had more than a couple of hours sleep at any one time since she was born. She was exhausted and we were exhausted. It was a nightmare" read Kathryn's story ...



So why is the baby hammock so successful at getting babie to sleep? Having spent 9 months within the womb it has to be quite a shock when a baby’s whole environment changes, so we cannot realistically expect them to adjust immediately to the outside world. But does their transition have to be quite so difficult? 

Using a baby hammock recreates many motions and feelings of their mother’s womb, an important one being movement, and movement in the right direction. Many conventional cribs swing from side to side, this is not a natural movement. The baby hammock can gently swing back and forth to soothe baby to sleep and gently bounced in a vertical motion (that similar of mother walking), this is a far more natural motion for them. The enveloping shape of the ergonomic baby hammock will keep your baby in a semi-foetal position, promoting a deep sleep. The tactile environment of the hammock walls reduces Moro reflex (startles), this will reduce disturbances during your babies sleep.  

I’m sure you have all noticed how babies will often fall asleep in the wrong places, cars, prams etc. It is all about familiar motions. The baby hammock is suspended from a concealed spring enabling you to bounce your baby to sleep and the wonderful thing about this is that when you baby gains a little weight and fidgets around during the night, the hammock will then begin to move. This movement effectively rocks him back of to sleep without the need to wake up the household. 

Conventional cribs and cots offer little of what is familiar to your baby, a wide-open space with no sense of security. Our baby hammock is a very tactile environment and its narrow shape and fabric walls (along with a slightly upright position) gives your baby a greatsense of security.  In addition, its vertical motion gives babies the sensation of when mum would move and walk, creating a beautiful environment for your baby. 

The shape of the Poco hammock will keep your baby snug and secure and most importantly keep him in the recommended supine position, supported by SIDS health campaigns. The Poco baby hammock is also of great benefit to babies whom suffer with colic or reflux. The Poco hammock will give your baby the very best start.




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