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Promotes Healthy Sleep

Baby hammocks are very well known for getting baby to sleep at Poco baby do not believe in the cry it out option, we take a gentler and natural approach to helping babies sleep, bed time should be calm and soothing. Using the Poco baby hammock will without doubt help you and your baby get the sleep you need. As many of you already know, sleep deprivation in those first few months can be exhausting, it is so important to get a healthy sleep pattern as early as possible. The Poco baby hammock will help you achieve this. We all know someone whom is up and down in the night with their toddler, usually because they never slept well as a baby, which is why it is so important to get a healthy sleep routine from the early days. By using a Poco baby hammock you can avoid the sleep training and encourage your baby to sleep with a gentle natural approach. Baby hammocks should be used from birth to 9 months. However, many parent start using the Poco hammock when their babies are two, three or even four months old to correct there sleeping problems.

How can the Poco Baby hammock help your baby get a better sleep?

Babies need to feel safe and secure, the snug, tactile and soothing environment of the Poco hammock will give your baby the best sleep possible. Not only designed to create a safe and perfect sleeping environment the hammock also eases symptoms of colic and reflux.

Suspended by a spring you can gently bounce baby to sleep in his baby hammock which he and you will love. The Poco baby hammock has a gentle motion which is also initiated by baby’s own movements giving him a wonderful sense of floatation and relaxation helping him drift back off to sleep should he wake during his sleep time. Babies love to be held and cradled, using the baby hammock will make your baby feel cradled and secure.

The Poco baby hammock comes complete with its own travel bag enabling you to take babies bed wherever you go, and of course this will save you space and money on additional purchases of travel equipment. 

For use by day, night and travel

Age Recommendation: New-born Babies to 29lbs

Weight Recommendations: Up to 29lbs 

Size Boxed:

114cm x 36cm x 14cm

45inc x 14inch x 5.5inch

Weight - 10.5kg