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Hello Archie

Hello Archie,

A UK family and lifestyle blogger gives us her views on the Poco baby hammock. 

8 days ago, before baby Blue had arrived (OK, he's 7 weeks now but it feels like only a few days!), I posted about our first impressions of the Poco Baby hammock; an alternative sleep solution for young babies, especially those who may suffer with colic or miss the feeling of being bounced about in the womb and I couldn't wait to see if our baby really would love it. 

There's not a great deal of suspense here as it turns out little Blue loves the hammock and has done since birth! I remember not being able to put Archie down very much as a newborn, he'd pretty much nap on top of me on and off all day and there wasn't much I could do about it. Of course, that little baby is now almost 3, very active, and can't have his Mummy lounging around with another baby invading her personal space all day long.

The best part is as he moves, he gently bounces and soothes himself into a gentle slumber. Our hammock is currently situated downstairs due to it being quite large but I wouldn't hesitate to move it to our bedroom for night time sleep if he had experienced colic or started to have issues with sleeping at night. 

Safe to say, we all love the hammock and it's always a conversation starter amongst visitors, curious to know where we got it and what Blue thinks of it. Though it's not your traditional baby sleeper, in my eyes, it's innovative and a step towards comforting our beautiful newborns and helping them adjust to the fourth trimester.






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