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Life as a Mum

 Life as a mum blogger review

One of the most popular products for a baby to sleep in is a moses basket but once you have tried out a Poco Baby Hammock I am sure you will change your mind on which one is best. We received a baby hammock from Poco Baby before Freddie was born and I had written my first  thoughts about the hammock a few weeks ago. I have since been testing the hammock out ready to write my overall thoughts on this beautiful product.

I have been using the hammock a lot more in the past two weeks and I have realised Freddie settles much better in the hammock than he does in his moses basket that we have for him downstairs. We don't use the hammock during the night as there is just no space in our bedroom so we use it for day time naps and I have noticed he settles well and looks so comfortably relaxed when he is in the hammock.

You can use this baby hammock for day and night time as it is safe for both. The hammock also comes with a travel bag so you could take it to the grandparent's house for baby to sleep in it over night there whilst you have a break. They say that baby will sleep for longer in the hammock and it's true, they do. Freddie can have a good nap in the hammock, longer than he does in his bouncy chair, bean bag or moses basket. It can be a good comfort for babies because the hammock replicates the movements of when baby is in the mother's womb

The hammock can prevent flat head syndrome and baby is in the correct sleeping position and it is breathable. The hammock is suitable from birth up to 29lbs which I think is worth it for the price of £164.99. There is a string you attach on the bottom of the hammock to the bottom of the frame so the hammock doesn't go everywhere and it's very handy for when you have other little ones in the room.


- Freddie sleeps for longer
- I can pack it away if needed
- Very stable
- Freddie is very comfortable when lying in it
- Prevents flat head syndrome
- Breathable
- Modern

- Could do with a smaller frame, maybe? 

Overall I love the Poco Baby Hammock. I am really pleased that Freddie does sleep for longer and he seems so comfortable when he sleeps in his hammock. Everyone who has come to my house have commented and said good comments about the hammock. I would recommend this hammock to anyone who has a newborn/young baby or expecting a baby.






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