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Where can I go to see a Poco baby hammock?

Visit our stockis page we have many stores in the UK stocking our products

How long will I be waiting for delivery of my order?

Unless otherwise stated on our website delivery is within approx 3 days, you will recieve an email notification once your order has been dispatched.

Can I machine wash my Poco Hammock?

Yes, other than the foam mattress you can wash everything on a delicate cycle (30 degrees) and air dry (DO NOT TUMBLE DRY). Also with such an easy iron it makes cleaning your hammock a breeze.

I wish to travel with my Poco Hammock how much does it weigh?
The Poco Hammock comes with its own handy travel bag and weighs 10.5kg,  simply removing the crossbar from the spring collapes the frame. and you're ready to go.

When should I start using my Poco Hammock?
From birth until 9 months, some hammocks on the market will advise to use them until 12 months, the Poco Hammock can easily hold the weight of a 12 month old, however the Poco hammock has been tested in the UK and our testing laboratory recommends use up to 9 months. By 12 months, some babies may be strong enough to pull themselves out of a hammock. Saftey is our highest priority and we always follow the advice of our testing laboratory.

Can I start to use the Poco Hammock if my baby is older?
Yes, most babies up to the age of 4 months will settle very quickly in the Poco hammock, if they are older than this you may need to persevere, however it will be well worth it. Once baby has settled you will establish a good sleep pattern for both you and your baby.

Are baby hammocks safe?

Baby hammocks that are safety tested are no more dangerous than a cot that has been safety tested. With the information available to us to date over the past  25 years there has been two deaths occurred within the Amby hammock, this was sadly due to incorrect use and most certainly not due to the Amby. It is always very important to follow instructions when using any baby product. If you have purchased a second-hand hammock, always purchase a new mattress and always ask us for instructions should your hammock not have a set supplied. Never hang your hammock from anything other that the Poco frame provided. More information of safety