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Corrective Baby Helmet Effectiveness

Do corrective baby helmets work ? Many parents over previous years have had baby helmet therapy for their infants as their head has been miss sharpen by sleeping with their head in the same position on a hard flat surface of a cot mattress. Studies have however now show that the helmet therapy makes no significant difference.

All parents of the babies who had worn helmets reported downsides, including:

  • skin irritation
  • sweating
  • feeling hindered from cuddling their baby because of the helmet

Lead researcher Renske van Wijk, of the University of Twente, said they would generally discourage parents from using the helmets.

“The helmets have no added value compared to doing nothing and a helmet is an expensive treatment,” she told BBC News.

I would say prevention is better than the cure, there are many things which can be done to avoid flat head read here for alternative sleeping and ways to avoid flat head

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