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Will prams and car seats damage my babies back?

Understanding Infant Spine Development As adults we have an ‘S’ shaped spine with four slight curves that aid balance and create flexibility as well as absorbing stresses placed on our back. Babies however are not born with the ‘S’ shaped … Continue reading

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Baby equipment on sale

Looking for baby equipment on sale, here’s one not to miss out on. The Poco is currently on sale online at a bargain price. Suitable from birth to 12 months and its portable so forget about looking for a travel … Continue reading

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Poco baby hammock endorsement

Dear Chloe Thank you so much for selling me this wonderful and frankly miraculous product. It is the best baby bed ever!!! My baby daughter Roxy was three months old and literally hadn’t had more than a couple of hours … Continue reading

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How to help babies with reflux

Emma’s baby reflux diary blogger I’d come to the conclusion that there were 3 areas we should try and tackle; Keeping her upright. The Doctors told us that lying her flat was a no no, especially after feeds and that … Continue reading

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My baby has colic and wont sleep

What is colic? Doctors define colic as repeated episodes of excessive and inconsolable crying in an otherwise healthy and well cared-for baby. While anyone who’s seen a baby with colic will agree it definitely exists, why it happens is still unclear. … Continue reading

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Why should I protect my baby against Meningitis B?

  The importance of being well informed about all strains of Meningitis We know that babies and children are vulnerable to infections. Meningitis can kill within hours and newborn babies are particularly at risk. Twenty five per cent of those … Continue reading

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