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How to help babies with reflux

Emma’s baby reflux diary blogger

I’d come to the conclusion that there were 3 areas we should try and tackle;

  1. Keeping her upright. The Doctors told us that lying her flat was a no no, especially after feeds and that propping her up would be better in combating the acid flowing back up her Oesophagus. (Thus keeping her ‘fits’ at bay)
  2. Helping her sleep. She was more likely to have her turns when she was overtired so anything that might comfort her or sooth her to sleep was something I wanted to look at.
  3. Monitoring her at night. How were we going to get a wink of sleep now that she wasn’t hooked up to machines that would alarm if something were wrong?

We got to work and narrowed down which items to go for and then I had a right old spend up on Amazon and the likes. I hadn’t a clue if any of it would work but it made me feel good, like we were doing something and not just relying on her meds. It also meant that after lord knows how long, I. WAS. SHOPPING!

So what did I buy for our little refluxer? Well I’ll tell you…

Poco Baby Hammock

Yep. My baby slept in a hammock. I can’t tell you how much I loved this bad boy and how much it changed things for us. I was a tad dubious to start with but once we put her in it, she looked so adorable and peaceful that I fell immediately in love. It stood next to my side of our bed and if she stirred in the night, I gently rocked it to send her back to sleep. She definitely slept more in this and it did the perfect job of keeping her upright enough to ease her Reflux.


Pabobo musical star projector

I was looking for something that would play music and make pretty patterns on the ceiling to use as a ‘sleepy-time’ cue and this little beauty worked a treat. I used it until the she was around 18 months old and she loved it. (The lullabies sent me to sleep too)


Ingenuity Gentle Automatic Bouncer

The bouncer we used at the hospital made her look much less helpless and more alert so one of these was top of my list. We went for this one because it looked cosy, it vibrated and I liked the little lion thingy hanging from it. (My husband looks like a lion. One of his nicknames is Simba.)


For the full story of Emma and how she managed her babies reflux visit


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