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Bamboo Baby Products

Bamboo Breast Pads

The Poco baby breast pads are a must have, the bamboo breast pads are so soft and comfortable against your skin you wont know your wearing them. With 2 layers of cotton and two layers bamboo these pads are not only ultra-absorbent but bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal which will reduce the risk of yeast infections. 

Bamboo Baby Wipes 

Bamboo washable reusable wipes are 100% bamboo, antibacterial and super soft there is no better wipe for your babies skin. If you want your wipes ready to go at all times simply put them directly into a plastic box once they have been washed and you are ready to use them again, they will not go stagnant as they are used too regular for this to occur. Should you use a cloth nappy or a disposable there is no better choice for your babies skin than bamboo wipes, great for the skin and your pocket.


Mattress Protectors

Bamboo is silky to the touch, highly breathable and very absorbent giving great protection to your babies skin. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial so is perfect for sensitive or allergy prone skin. The Poco Baby mattress protectors are available as a fitted protector so there is no need for additional bed sheet on top. Available in a cot size, cotbed or single size, we also have a mattress pad which are perfect for baby hammocks, moses baskets and cradles. Our fully breathable mattress protectors have a polyurethane under layer which makes it 100% waterproof without the crunchy plastic. Available with a brushed cotton top layer or bamboo top layer. See our shopping cart for prices and to make your purchase.