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Baby Sleep Tips

Baby hammocks are amazing to help you get your baby to sleep and sleep well. It is also very important to get baby to sleep within the right times and develop a good sleep pattern for your baby.

When using your baby hammock and it’s time for bed try and put your baby to sleep when he has a dry nappy, full tummy and drowsy (not asleep)  Putting baby to bed when drowsy can be difficult for breast feeding mums but if you get this right you and baby will sleep well.

The baby hammock is self-soothing so when you put him to bed at a drowsy point the hammock will help with the rest and your baby will learn to get himself to sleep and not grow to depend on you to do this for him.

Babies can be very easily stimulated, it only takes a loving look from you to wake him from his drowsy state, if you are wanting baby to sleep, as difficult as it is avoid eye contact with your baby. To help get your baby’s body clock the right way around ensure plenty of light enters the house during the day and when feeding baby during the night as little light as possible, less light  will  avoid stimulation. Consider purchasing dimmer lamps and also dim the lights in the house a good hour or two before bed time this will help your baby relax for bed time.

Be well prepared before you go to bed to ensure you are not fumbling around looking for nappies and burp cloths in the dark and definitely do not turn the lights up to look for them. As difficult as it sometimes is the quicker you get up to feed and tend to your baby the better as the least time baby has to completely wake the better, a dreamy feed in the night is always best.  If you bottle feed make sure babies bottle is prepared and always try and avoid taking baby out of the bedroom the movement and light will completely wake him. Have all you need for the night feed by your bedside and only change babies nappy if need be.



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