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Baby Sleep Tips

Those all important sleep tips

It is so important to get a good sleep routine and try not to develop bad habits with your new born in those early days. It is so easy to constantly hold your new born every waking minute as you will be completely overwhelmed with your new baby. However it is so important to think ahead and try not to create a struggle for yourself when it comes to nap and bed times. There are a number of steps you can put into place to help you along the way to that much needed sleep routine and ensuring your baby learns to sleep at the right time. Its never going to be quite as simple as following instruction but it is very important to try where possible.


No eye contact 

We all find it difficult not to sit and simply gaze at out babies, this is fine in the daytime hours. However, it’s a big no no at bed time, always avoid looking into your babies eyes at night, this increases your babies heart rate and blood pressure, she will become alert making it difficult for you to get her to sleep.


Room temperature  

Babies are mini versions of us, if our room is too warm we wouldn’t sleep well, neither will your baby 16-20 is the guide for babies room temperature so aim for 18 degrees. Don’t sleep your baby near a window you need to avoid draughts.

Body clock 

To help get your baby’s body clock the right way around ensure plenty of light enters the house during the day and when feeding baby during the night as little light as possible, less light will avoid stimulation. Consider purchasing dimmer lamps also dim the lights in the house a good hour or two before bed time this will help your baby relax for bed time.


Noise  can help

There is no need to tip toe around your baby, this is a very bad habit to start. Your baby heard plenty of noise in the womb so noise can actually help to get your baby off to sleep. Household noises are often good, hoovers, dishwashers washing machines can all do the trick, also try some nature CDs or white noise.


Cut out the caffine 

If you are breastfeeding, you need to be aware of your caffeine intake, remove tea, coffee and anything containing caffeine from your diet. Caffeine will accumulate quickly in your baby’s body and will be with him longer than you, about 96 hours in fact.

Feeding times 

Its recommended to feed your baby every 3 hours, demand feeding is not ideal especially during the night. Try and stick with 3 hourly feeds during the day then for feeds after 5 try and do 2 hourly feeds, this will help fill your baby up and should result in a longer sleep duration during the night.

Nappy changing 

We cant help but feel we need to change babies nappies as soon as they become wet. However during the night we want dreamy feeds when possible, so unless your babies nappy is soaked or soiled don’t change it. Changing your baby during the night will result in a wide awake baby, but be sure you put a generous amount of cream on that botty before bedtime and use a night time nappy.


Bypass burping 

Your baby will feed at a slower pace during the night so there is less chance of taking down lots of air, breast fed babies generally swallow less air so if you don’t get any of that wind up pretty quickly then by pass the burping during the night, chances are there is little on none there to bring up.


Share the feeds 

Breast feeding does not mean its all down to mum, try and encourage your baby to bottle feed, you can then express and dad can help with those night feeds so you both get some sleep in.

The bedroom 

Put black out blinds in your room as well as your babies, this will enable you to nap during the day when baby naps. It is very important to nap during the day with your baby in those first few weeks and dont forget those all important dimmer lamps for night time feeds.

Baby massage 

No not for you, for your baby, sorry, although im sure it would work for you too. Studies have shown that babies having bedtime massage fall asleep faster and sleep better than those that don’t have one. Look for a baby massage class near you.

A cozy sleep spot

Babies sleep better in smaller spaces, they feel more secure and safe, use a bassinet, baby hammock or co-sleeper, your baby will feel safer and sleep better.


Be well prepared before you go to bed to ensure you are not fumbling around looking for nappies and burp cloths in the dark and definitely do not turn the lights up to look for them. As difficult as it sometimes is the quicker you get up to feed and tend to your baby the better as the least time baby has to completely wake the better, a dreamy feed in the night is always best.  If you bottle feed make sure babies bottle is prepared and always try and avoid taking baby out of the bedroom the movement and light will completely wake her. Have all you need for the night feed by your bedside and only change babies nappy if need be.




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