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Baby Hammock White [CLONE]



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guarantee iconBaby hammock includes : Frame with all required components, hammock, hammock mattress, mattress cover, spring, spring cover, cross bar, travel bag, pack of 2 sheets (matching colour) and a 12 month guarentee

•Longer Sleep Duration
•Swaddled environment
•Helps alleviate Flathead Syndrome
•Portable & adjustable
•Replicates the movements babies felt within the womb 
•Great air ventilation
•Suitable from Birth - 9 months (29lbs)



I brought this for my 5 month old baby who wouldnt sleep and yes i would say it has helped us lengthen the night time sleep, not as much as i would have liked but any improvement is good. I just wish i brought one sooner as it may well have solved the problem, left it a month or two late, but was worth having.