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POCO BABY proud to be recognised as best baby hammock for 2016/17


Discover the joy of baby hammocks, and why babies and parents love them so much!


We are so lucky to have so many choices available to us as parents today, with such a wide range of cots, cribs and baby hammocks and co sleepers where do you begin?

It is very important to develop a good sleep routine from day one, using a Poco baby hammock will undoubtedly help you achieve this. I'm sure you will agree along with all the basic needs of regular feeds, a dry nappy and of course much love, another key factor to a happy content baby is sleep. 

Babies love the Poco Baby hammock for several reasons, they are tactile, they move with your babies movement creating a womb like environment, and they love the natural cradled position which no other cot, crib can offer.   

The natural movements of the baby hammock will calm, sooth and ensure a restful sleep. All babies love motion and a snug tactile environment, the Poco baby hammock will provide this and more. Proven to sooth and relieve symptoms of colic, reflux and settle even the most irritable of babies. 

Baby hammocks originated in Southeast Asia otherwise know by the name of sarung buaians. Baby hammocks are a wonderful natural alternative to cots and cribs. Use the baby hammock for not only as an alternative to a cot but it is so quick and easy to dissemble so you can use the hammock to travel with, every hammock comes with its own travel bag to make this possible so there is no need for the additional expense of a travel cot. 

Offering a natural sleep solution for new-borns to 9 months (29lbs) your baby will thrive in our award-winning Hammock!